Our office is located in the heart of “Het Gooi” and "Eemland" and South East-Brabant , has been in existence since 1981 and has a staff of five people.
As we are a medium sized office, continuity is sufficiently guaranteed and our address lines are very short.
We are thinkers and doers, execute all kinds of assignments (and “much more”) in an exact and precise way in accordance with written agreements made for that purpose.
Jacques A. de Bot grew up in a business family and because of that he has sufficient affinity with your entrepreneurship.

Accountancy office de Bot (Dutch names: Accountantskantoor de Bot B.V. / Administratiekantoor voor de Horeca Botapel B.V.), hereafter called: De Bot BV, stands out from the current supply in the finance / administrative sector.
Therefore our working method is aimed at accompanying your enterprise in realizing your entrepreneurial objective: maximizing results, assuring continuity and increasing the value of your enterprise.
At the same time De Bot B.V. pays attention to reinforcing the financial position of the entrepreneur himself.
With this De Bot B.V. supplies a valuable share in your enterprise.
Attaining your entrepreneurial objective is only possible by using the right instruments.
With them you have to make you sure: 1) of a correct administration supplying the necessary management information, 2) of a reliable adviser who closely matches you, and 3) of people who skilfully execute the decisions made.
All these qualifications are united in De Bot B.V.

Because, together with De Bot B.V., you are working towards objectives that reach further than processing your administration, you can expect a high degree of involvement from us.
It goes without saying that De Bot B.V. observes all discretion that goes with handling your confidential business data.
Jacques de Bot and his staff are ready for assisting you. Besides, in De Bot B.V´s opinion, every client has a right to the highest possible personal care and quality in service.
The requirements which De Bot B.V. makes to its co-workers, both male and female, are high; every co-worker has a sufficient theoretical training, practical experience and sufficient care and attention for you.

Many disciplines are represented inside De Bot B.V. Situations may occur, in which calling in external expertise is necessary.
Besides, a tax notarial legal advisor is on call available.
If necessary he will also assist in the creation of legal entities (of enterprises) e.g.: partnerships, limited partnerships, private limited liability companies, public limited liability companies, associations, foundations, cooperations, foreign companies.

Administration generally confronts enterprises with two obstacles.
The first one is setting up a good administration structure.
Further there is often no time, knowledge or manpower to process the administration in a strictly accurate manner and to make the obligatory tax return in time.
De Bot B.V. executes both for you.
For example De Bot B.V. helps you in choosing an administration system that suits your enterprise.
Concerning processing there are several options.
You can choose to execute your basis administration under your own control.
If desired, De Bot B.V. will give the co-workers concerned a training so that they will be able to execute the daily routine independently.
The more complex parts of administration, such as salary administration, periodical tax-return or drawing up the annual account, can be taken care of by De Bot B.V.
Especially for this task division De Bot B.V. has the disposal of a professional computer program with which the most current administrative software is interchangeable.
Possibly it is still more attractive for you to entrust De Bot B.V. with the whole administration.
Then you can fully concentrate on your proper commercial activities and your clients.
In addition to arranging figures, De Bot B.V. also considers it its task to signalize trends at an early stage. This refers to developments inside your company , but also to national and international developments, such as changes in social and fiscal legislation.
However, signalizing only is not sufficient.
In order to be able to use the figures as a basis for decisions, it is necessary to discover the meaning and origin of these figures.
On account of thorough analysis De Bot B.V. can give you important management and fiscal information: Is your enterprise doing well?
And how well? And what positive or negative influences are at the root of it?
The answers to these questions are to be found in the concise and readable reports.

The conclusions of the reports help you to look ahead so that you, as an entrepreneur, can determine the policy for both the short term and the long term.
Added to this, you will have to weigh certain matters against each other.
The close involvement with your administration and the wide experience that De Bot B.V. has built up in the course of many years, ensure that you will also find in De Bot B.V. the right partner to consult for advice in the financial, fiscal or organizational field.
For financial advice you could think of recommendations in the field of investments, reduction of costs at different commercial departments, a stricter debtors´ safeguard or expanding your credit facilities.
Tax planning is of utmost importance for the enterprise and for the entrepreneur.
To make the most optimal use of the possibilities of fiscal legislation, De Bot B.V. makes, together with you, a long-term planning, aimed at attaining the highest possible net profit.
The detailed analysis of the administration provides a wealth of information, which can be used for controlling the organisation of your enterprise.
When it appears that an adaptation of your organisation will considerably improve the business results, De Bot B.V. will not hesitate to formulate concrete proposals for it, for example in the field of production, staff policy or logistics.

Transport. Your bookkeeping administration will be collected and brought back again. During transport and while in our office, your administration is insured. Bookkeeping. Having De Bot B.V. do everything or self-activity for a part, for example coding and booking on your computer.
Salary administrations. Full settlement, among which: pay slips, informing the social-security benefit office, arbo-service and insurer, when entering and leaving employment contract, and in case of illness; safeguarding of: Collective Work Agreement, holiday allowance, annual statements, tax return.
Tax return on behalf of PAYE-, turnover-, income- and company-taxes.
Annual account. Before the date agreed upon you will receive the concept report, after which it will be thoroughly discussed with you.
Automation. If desired complete supply of integrated software, fully ready to start and with instructions.
Fiscal Notarial Legal adviser available on call for all legal forms, contracts, last wills and deeds.
Tariffs. After inventory and determination of the amount of administration, your self-activity, the number of employees of the salary administration, date of delivery of the annual account and the number of hours of business economical support, we will give you in writing the fixed yearly amount so that you know exactly what your annual costs are.

De Bot B.V. supplies a complete package in the field of financial management. Because of the personal approach that we are advocating, De Bot B.V. is very accessible for enterprises of any size, no matter if you are interested in service in the financial and administrative field, checking annual accounts, consultation, management support, or a combination of the services offered.
Jacques A. de Bot is willing gladly to make an appointment to tell you more about this and what we can do for you; this initial appointment is free of charge.